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Developing an effective lead scoring methodology in Dynamics 365

Lead scoring models provide marketers and salespeople with a way to see how close a lead is to becoming an opportunity or even a sale. Typically lead scoring models calculate a score for each lead based on demographic details such as location or job title, and/or behaviors like opening a marketing email or visiting a […]

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Compare Four Ways to Build Custom Reports in Microsoft Dynamics 365

The real value of your CRM system is the data you have collected. You can only realize that value if you can get to the data you need, quickly and easily, with the right reporting. There are four main ways to report on data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE. Each option has its own advantages […]

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Power Apps Plays Crucial Role in Pandemic

I get admittedly jazzed about Power Apps – Microsoft’s suite of apps, services, connectors and data platform. It is truly impressive technology that provides a rapid application development environment. This allows organizations  to quickly customize how they receive, process and leverage massive amounts of data at an enterprise level. Now consider 2020 and the need […]

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Acquisition of One Microsoft Dynamics Partner by Another Can Benefit State and Local Governments

AKA Enterprise Solutions was acquired in August 2020 by HSO, a global Microsoft cloud business applications partner. AKA has a strong state and local government (SLG) practice, and because of that, this acquisition means that HSO is now one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners focused on SLG in the U.S. AKA has a […]

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The Dynamics CRM Sales Process: Everything You Need to Know

For any business, small or large, success depends entirely on sales figures. And no matter how great the product is or how much was spent on marketing, the primary goal for any organization is to increase revenue. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to support the sales process from beginning to end – right from acquiring […]

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New CRM, Microsoft Cloud, & Office 365 Updates – Tech Insider Update

In August, JourneyTEAM hosted the Q3 Tech Insider Update webinar that introduced the latest Microsoft releases, updates, and changes, including those to Microsoft Cloud and Office 365. Learn about the updates to CRM, Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, and Intune – now Microsoft Unified Endpoint Management.     Exchange Online Modern Authentication Mailbox Import/Export Outlook […]

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Sales Process for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

        Sales Process Accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM are add-on solutions that provide best-practice based sales process and automation to the sales areas of Dynamics 365 CRM. Sales Accelerators will solve several significant challenges: Improve User Adoption Provide Consistency in your Sales Processes Assure Best Practices are followed Provide detailed sales […]

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Migrate to the Cloud with Customized Support from JourneyTEAM | Sherpa Program

Relocating your on-premise solutions to the cloud is a massive undertaking. Not to mention expensive. But with COVID-19 still a major concern, businesses need to ensure their data and services are available at all times to remote employees. Because data migration is such a big project, many organizations use cloud consulting services to make the […]

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When Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 The Best Fit For Your Company?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful and versatile Cloud ERP solution that is helping businesses around the world automate processes, organize data, and take advantage of some of the best Business Intelligence tools on the market. So, do we recommend Microsoft Dynamics 365 for all our clients? In many instances, we do. If your company […]

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8 Signs You Need to Invest in Your CSP Business

There is an expansion in CSP revenue for Microsoft partners, as demand continues to rise within the Microsoft Cloud market. Yet, we also see CSPs struggling to accelerate past initial roadblocks to scale their recurring revenue. As your client number begins to increase, so does the workload and the customer’s expectations. What results is a […]

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