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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Price Changing in October

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Price Changing in October Microsoft is changing the pricing and licensing of Dynamics 365 on October 1, 2019. NOTE: THIS WILL IMPACT ALL CUSTOMERS ON DYNAMICS 365 ONLINE I have been in the partner channel for Microsoft CRM, now called Dynamics 365 for over 16 years and I can tell you one […]

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3 Ways to Streamline the Quoting Process in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales [Video]

The ability to efficiently create accurate price quotes is crucial to accelerating sales cycles, increasing business growth, and ensuring your customers have a positive buying experience.  However, the process can be time-consuming and error-prone when there are numerous product configuration parameters. In fact, it can take several mouse clicks to add an inventory item to […]

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Best Practices for System Views and My Views in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Best Practices for System Views and My Views in Microsoft Dynamics 365 This is my 7th blog in my 12 part series on Microsoft Dynamics Best Practices. If you've missed any of my previous blogs, please check them out by clicking here! If you're interested in learning more about Dynamics Best Practices, they are a great […]

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Dynamics 365 Portal Component Overview

Portal configuration can be a big undertaking, with many different Dynamics records that make up just one portal web page.  What are Web Templates? Entity Forms? Entity Form Metadata? All of these record types and more are needed to build a Portal Web Page, and together they act as the structure to your portal. Read […]

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Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM: How Much Will It Cost?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a category of integrated, data-driven software solutions that improve how you interact and do business with your customers. CRM systems help you manage and maintain customer relationships, track sales leads, marketing, and pipeline, and deliver actionable data. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you get a flexible solution that's customizable to […]

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 2019 Release Wave 2

As you may have heard, Microsoft recently announced upcoming changes to Dynamics 365 called 2019 Release Wave 2. There are a lot of new features and updates to the user experience included in this release. You can read an overview of some of the planned updates on our blog. You can also find additional information on […]

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Driving more CRM revenue by adding CPQ

If you're a Dynamics partner or reseller and you're not offering configure, price, quote (CPQ) software as an extension of Dynamics CRM, you may be a missing out on a huge revenue opportunity. As importantly, you may not be fully equipping your CRM customers for success. "What's CPQ anyway?" CPQ is a sales proposal automation […]

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Case Study: Make the Most of Your CRM Data with Microsoft Power BI

JOVACO Solutions loves Microsoft Power BI, and one of its main benefits is that it can be integrated to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement to leverage the wealth of data stored in your CRM solution. While a full system integration may not be the answer or a possibility in the short term, Power BI lets […]

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Improve Efficiency with XRMToolBox

Improve Efficiency with XRMToolBox As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM professional I sometimes receive configuration requirements that, despite how powerful the system is out of the box, can be repetitive, time-consuming, frustrating, and downright impossible. Fortunately, I have a secret weapon: XRMToolBox. XRMToolBox is a completely free set of plugins that improves productivity and efficiency when […]

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Dynamics 365 October 2019 Updates-Headers and Density

Dynamics 365 October Updates Highlights In my previous blog, I highlighted a few of the items I am excited about in the upcoming October 2019 updates. If you haven't checked this blog out, you can find it here: Header and Density Updates First of all, you may be wondering what "Density" is. I will […]

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